September 4 ~ 8, 2016
in Jeju, Korea
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Jeju Island

The conference will be held in Jeju island, which is famous for 3 things: roaring winds, magnificent rocks, and woman divers for fishing. As the largest island in South Korea, Jeju is located southwest of the Korean Peninsula. This Island, also referred as “Island of the Gods”, attracts many tourists due to its beautiful scenery and unique culture. Mt. Halla, recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2007, is the most prominent geographical feature, located at the center of Jeju island. The weather on Jeju island remains significantly warm. Due to Jeju’s phenomenal natural beauty and convenient facilities, it is regarded as one of the popular vacation spots for foreigners.


Lotte Hotel Jeju

Lotte Hotel Jeju is Korea’s leading resort hotel located in the Jungmun Tourism on the beautiful island of Jeju. Inspired by the world-renowned resort hotel The Palace of the Lost City in South Africa, Lotte Hotel Jeu boasts the lush beauty of nature and exotic atmosphere.

The hotel is an optimal venue for major international events and seminars. The luxurious space and various entertainment elements also continue to draw families and couples. For more information, please visit at or download PDF file(Hotel Information).